I made my three-year-old niece her first convention/Halloween costume this year. If you ask her who she is dressed as, she’ll reply, “Tiny Princess Captain America!”

On Halloween, we discovered that if you point to a kid in a Captain America costume and ask her who he’s dressed as, she will also reply, “Tiny Princess Captain America!”


From here on out, Steve shall be known as “Tiny Princess Captain America.” If Tiny Princess Captain America says they’re all Tiny Princess Captain America, who am I to argue?

I adore that little tiara.

This is the most adorable thing. Look at her!

This makes me smile so fucking much.

I picture Tony being more than happy to call Steve “Tiny princess Captain America.” With or without being prompted to do so.

I picture Steve being perfectly okay with it, especially after the day he runs into Tiny Princess Captain America, trick-or-treating in the city along with a bunch of other kids. And she kinda stops in the crowd, and gets this great big smile on her face, and bolts down the sidewalk and up to him, and she just can’t say anything because she’s just in AWE.

So Steve crouches down and says, “You look just like me!”, and she beams even brighter, as if that’s even possible. Then Steve remembers that time Thor told him about how much he loves his little-girl fans, and how when he meets them he lets them “hold” Mjolnir, and also Steve thinks about Thor’s room full of little girl drawings at Stark Tower. (Yes, I *did* just manage to connect this with that Littlest Thor Fangirl post that went around a while ago.) Normally Steven doesn’t get recognized quite like the rest of the Avengers when he’s not in uniform except by elderly folks who remember him from the old days, but since the attack on New York, plenty of younger people and kids spot him on the street out of uniform and know him, just like this little girl.

So Steve asks, “What’s your name?” To which she finally says, “Tiny Princess Captain America!” And he laughs, and then whispers, “I meant your secret identity.” So she tells him, and gives him a big hug, and then runs off to rejoin the other trick-or-treaters.

A week later, she gets a letter in the mail from Stark Tower, and when she opens it she gasps, because it’s a drawing of Captain America and Tiny Princess Captain America fighting bad guys and saving the world together.